Greatest Agave Flavor

Our Process

Tequila is a distillate obtained from Tequila, Jalisco, Mexico.

Hence the popular phrase “First Name is Tequila, but Second Name is Mezcal”. The purest tequila is made completely from the agave.

The dedication begins on the agave fields. The plants grow in a healthy environment and are ¨jimadas¨ (harvested) until each one is super mature. A mature agave will have a higher content of sugar and acidity than agaves that are harvested not mature.

When the agave reaches maturity, after 7 to 10 years of growth, the “jimadores” (harvesters), with their tool called “COA” are responsible for cutting the leaves in order to leave the heart of the plant ready to be carried to the distillery and start with the production process.

The slow cooking process helps to obtain agave juice with body and large amount of sugars. The pineapples are cooked (around 80-85 degrees Celsius) for 48 hours and left in the oven for an additional 24 hours for cooling. The juice obtained from the first 8 hours of the process is removed, as it can give a bitter taste to the product. (Total of 72 hours in the ovens).


The cooked agave is carried to the mills, where the agave is squeezed to extract all the juices. The juices are then mixed with mineral-rich water that sprouts from a place inside the distillery. This is done to balance the sweetness of the juice and to allow the yeast do its work.


The fermentation takes place in a 3,000 liters small tubs of pine wood. Native and natural yeast from the region is used. The wooden tubs are opened to allow yeast and bacteria to mix in the must. The fermentation process takes between 4 and 5 days (96-120 hours), depending on the weather.


First distillation is done in a 3,500 liter capacity stainless steel tub. Second distillation is done in a small 300 liters copper tub. The double distillation process is done slowly at a very low temperature allowing to cut heads and tails, where most of the flavor is. The copper from the second distillation gives a very special flavor to tequila.


Tequila Kostiv is aged in oak barrels with a 200 liter capacity.
Tequila Kostiv uses barrels from many previous process, since they have been “neutralized” in order to preserve the greatest agave flavor possible.                                                                                           


The product is packaged for final delivery to customers.

A premium tequila like you've never experienced!